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“You can never cross the ocean unless you have the courage to lose sight of the shore.”– Christopher Columbus

Dare to Explore. While making the move 1,500 miles away from family and friends to pursue better opportunities in my professional career, I came across the above quote from Christopher Columbus. If you have made a big move from what you have known your whole life to a completely new surrounding, you know how some days at first can be long and demotivating. But what that quote has taught me is that the more you explore the world and get further away from what is familiar or second nature to you, the more you’ll learn. The fact of the matter is you never know where motivation will come from. We can initiate change anytime…there are endless possibilities and you decide where the starting point is at.

Refuse to accept defeat. Instead, explore other approaches that are different from the norm. Learn to adjust…you will never be able to change the reality of the situation that is thrown at you. Meetings will not always end up the way you visioned in your mind, so being able to adjust on the fly is key. Have a thoughtful idea? Speak up. If someone has a better idea, accept it…but believe in what you are doing. If you expect people to buy in on what you have to offer, make it clear how it will make their life easier and benefit both parties. Make the opportunity a two way street for both parties…learn from each other.

Talk to yourself like a champion. Sure, life in general is full of challenges, danger, and tests…but the most beautiful thing is that life is full of opportunities too. How you conduct yourself and control your attitude when facing these challenges will give you a better chance of succeeding. So talk to yourself like a champion. Say, “I’m the best at what I do” and talk yourself up when you are alone…after all, you are the best listener to yourself. This is one of the first lessons I learned when playing basketball as I always found myself one of the shortest guys on the court every time. When I started to hit every shot I took, I found myself in that special place that was characterized by my positive attitude and energy…I was the best shooter on the court and always found opportunities to get open for the shot. I have taken this off the court and placed it into my day-to-day life in order to present myself with the thoughts that give me the opportunity to be at my very best everyday.

All-in-all you can do absolutely anything you want. Dare to exploreRefuse to accept defeat, and Talk to yourself like a champion…stay curious and question everything you do…no exceptions!! Who knows, the next thought you have can change the world. Are you willing to be the change?


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    1. Agreed Ankur! Thanks for reaching out to CuriousHumans! We look for inspiration anywhere we can. We are all amazing creatures and should strive to be the best we can at all times.


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