Fail to Succeed

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“If you’re afraid to fail, then you’re probably going to fail.”                         -Kobe Bryant

Failure is not the opposite of success, it is part of success. If you are in sales and you fear rejection, you’ve picked the wrong profession. Its okay to feel anxious and concerned when faced with something new. The difference in true successors and everyone else is that these successors have developed the courage to go beyond their own comfort zone and not think twice about it. It is critical that you back sales effort with determination and will power no matter the obstacle.


We all have fears in our conscious and subconscious minds. There are irrational fears and rational fears. Rational fears, such as fear of snakes, are healthy – they keep us safe. Irrational fears are the rational interpretation of the false stories we make up and then choose to believe. Irrational fears tend to hold down most people simply because they are afraid of something that has not happened yet or may never happen. This imaginary fear has been created by your thoughts and these thoughts have now created fearful emotions.

Define your fears into irrational and rational categories – whether its fear of rejection (irrational) or you are afraid to experience something new out of your comfort zone (also irrational), or you are afraid of dogs because you were once bitten by one (rational).


Now that you have defined which fears are irrational, don’t get too hard on yourself and expect to succeed your first few times you try to overcome these irrational fears. Learn to fail, and fail frequently. The most successful people have not only failed once or twice, but have failed many times. The more you experience and get involved in, the more you will fail and understand it’s a building block to achieving full confidence and success.  It’s fear itself that causes failure, not the act of doing. Failure is not an endpoint, but just an educational tool – we must fail in order to learn. Facing fear head on and continuing to take action, your comfort zone will expand and become more familiar as your fear subsides. Your mind must believe it is capable of doing whatever it is that you fear in order to actually do it. Create positive thinking for yourself. If you can’t change it, then change the way you think about it. Winston Churchill said it best when he reminded all of us that, “Success is moving from one failure to another with no loss of enthusiasm.”

If you welcome failure as a learning curve you will learn that there are no mistakes, only lessons. In order to learn from these lessons you must problem solve and learn how you will approach the same situation differently next time around.

Use your imagination and be creative when you write down what you have learned from your failure. For example you could take this Lesson Plate that I’ve created below and write in what your downfall/failure, and then write what you have learned from this mistake.

In this example you will see that my mistake was allowing the prospect to lead the sales call.

chart 1

Reflecting back on the call I realize now that I should have directed more of the call and asked more quality questions to better understand if what I bring to the table will help. These questions will also help establish some key issues or problems that may exist. So as my lesson, I have learned to ask more quality questions to better prospect.

 chart 2

Use these lessons as learning tools to help you better understand where you may have went wrong. One benefit of failing is that it can teach us things about ourselves that we might have never learned otherwise. Failing can help you discover how strong of a person you actually are and often valuable insights come only after failure. It is very important that we realize in everything we do, that failure can happen. Embracing and facing that chance gives not only a fuller, more enjoyable life but it is also audacious.

When it comes to failing, our egos end up being our worst enemies. A lot of people fear being seen. Mostly people fear that failing also means you are seen as a failure. Just take a look at whatever fear you face – accept it – and you will find yourself ahead of most people. You must make the decision now that you will not give up. Continue to persist and you will eventually succeed, no matter how difficult. This very act will make you stronger and a more powerful person. Don’t expect perfection of yourself.  After all, no one expects perfection from you. No one is perfect. Every customer, there is bound to be an issue with – big or small – but it’s how you handle those obstacles that will influence their opinion of you. Take the chance and face your fears.


Set small goals to help build your confidence as a starting point. Use these goals as building blocks in learning how to evaluate all possible outcomes. Everyone will face the fear of failure at some point, but we must not let that fear stop us from moving forward. We all have the choice: to either be afraid, or we can choose not to.

The best thing you can do in order to reduce the fear of failure is to just fail and understand what it can and cannot do.  After all, failure is a step toward ultimate achievement. It’s an experience. An experiment. A chance.


mag9_p10_go_grandma_250x250          #MothersSalesTips                                  This tip HAD to be added requested by my mom who I give credit to for encouraging me every day to “not sweat the small stuff.” She has supported every step I’ve taken to achieve the goals I wish to achieve long-term, even if it meant moving 1,500 miles away….Ask open ended questions. Challenge the potential customer. Even if your goal is to just persuade, you are not able to reach that goal unless you understand their concerns. Open-ended questions encourage us all to supply ideas, information, opinions, or reactions.

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