Stop Making Excuses

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As you go through life you’ll see
There is so much that we
Don’t understand
And the only thing we know
Is things don’t always go
The way we planned.”
-Lion King

I’m a huge Lion King fan…in fact, I named my dog after a character in the movie, Mufasa (picture at bottom of page). Anyways, I believe that the Lion King can teach us many life lessons. One is that it has taught us to realize who we are and unlock our true potential by tapping into the power of our deepest motives and values.

We all think of ways to keep us from completing tasks from time to time…but are you always blaming other people for your faults and not being accountable for actions? Of course it’s easier to pin missing a deadline, some other fault, or in my opinion the worst excuse that anyone can ever say, “I didn’t have time” on someone else.  But always having an excuse and not being accountable for your actions will lead you down a path of mediocrity. Look, either you want it or you don’t. I’m not the one who couldn’t overcome obstacles after agreeing to work on a project. If you want it bad enough you will be creative and find the way, not expressing reasons why you can’t. No one will be there every day to remind you of the deadlines coming up. No one will do it for you. No one truly wants to help you. No one owes you anything. Don’t look in the mirror and whine. You make the choice to either spend every day wisely and prepare yourself for the future, or stay distracted and cave to your challenges. Let’s all agree that Chinese philosopher Mozi’s belief that we learn about the world through adversity, is simply true. Adversity will make you stronger and you will face any of life’s hardships with renewed courage, which will make your life easier.


Curious as to how some people get what they want and always find ways to make it happen? Simple, those people don’t spend their time complaining about working all day and then having to work on a project all night long to meet a deadline. They complete their tasks no matter the obstacle. Incompletion is not in their vocabulary, and they will not take no for an answer. So quit with the excuses. If it were easy, you would already be finished. But the whole goal is that it’s meant to be challenging. Take responsibility for your actions and decisions. Finding that opportunity to overcome a trial ultimately makes you stronger…who knows…that next opportunity you find could change the world. Live to achieve progress towards wisdom. Everything can be practiced. The past does not exist, neither does the future…let go, accept, and learn…now…move on. Keep searching for opportunity. Nothing will happen until you do. Have a call to action, because failing to be proactive will defeat your purpose. If we keep up with the excuses, we will never reach the end result.


Negativity only breeds more negativity. If you hang out with people who will confirm the negative thoughts that you express while facing difficult challenges, you will soon think that way and find yourself making excuses as to why you didn’t meet your goal. Don’t mope around with other failures, find someone more accomplished than you and learn from them. You have a responsibility to yourself to achieve. Very few people will inspire you; so self-inspiration, self-determination, and self-belief will change your outcome. Your power of positive thought is huge. There are never any tasks that can prevent us from carrying out our duties…sure there are easy tasks, and more complicated ones, but never impossible. Each and every task requires our very best. When you do your best, you are more proud and confident of your choices than ever before. This is how you will turn every obstacle into opportunity. You should always try…so what if you fail…but don’t ever fail to try.


Be true to yourself….after-all…you only have yourself. If you continue to make excuses, you will lose yourself and have nothing.  So let’s vow to stop making excuses, and accept the fact that we will mess up or not perform like we would like to from time to time. Simply try each day to be better. The challenge has been laid down; the rest is up to you.




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