Change through awareness

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To become different from what we are, we must have some awareness of what we are.”
-Eric Hoffer


No matter how well we plan, life happens and we get side tracked. Organization, time management, and communication are imperative if we wish to reach our end goals in life. There’s always another way of doing things, another way of resolving a situation, another path to follow. We must become our own observer and understand our strengths and weaknesses. Change is never easy…it takes effort, practice, and time. Increasing awareness is a natural progression and it will eventually lead to acceptance followed by a plan of action. 

Organization is essential to being both efficient and productive. It’s a mental state; you must understand what is important. Start by using an agenda that has weekly and monthly goals and objectives. Keeping up with the completion of assignments and follow up items is crucial as well, especially if your career is in sales. These notes can help avoid costly mistakes and reduce the chance of forgetting follow up tasks. Organization though is not a goal but a stepping stone towards goals, and we must understand that.

Time management requires self-discipline and the ability to eliminate distractions. Self-discipline will allow you to deliver more positive results, tomorrow. Staying motivated and the ability to push forward when negative emotional states arise will provide a sense of reward; which eventually will become habitual. We all have negative thoughts sometimes, but they are just thoughts. Organize your thoughts and learn to apply simple strategies to stay efficient. Do this, and you will find that extra “time” to be more productive. Planning your next day the evening before will increase your confidence, knowing that you have a tentative schedule mapped out. Effectively utilizing your time in the evenings, like mapping out your next day, will reduce much stress the next morning with a plan of action in hand. Although time management skills must be practiced constantly, doing so will keep the immoral habits of procrastination away.

Communication should be valued and taken beyond the standard oral and verbal abilities. Strive every day to communicate effectively by coaching, inspiring, and persuading. Giving and receiving feedback is vital to the communication process, especially while problem solving. Even though constructive feedback can be difficult, use it as an opportunity to absorb as much information as you can. This, however, can only be accomplished through good listening and the understanding that feedback does not make the statement “true”; just someone else’s perception of the situation. Don’t be afraid to ask questions if you don’t understand the feedback. In order for communication skills to be continually improved, you must always be looking for opportunities to contribute to conversations and add something of value in return. Seek the knowledge from a mentor and teach yourself through experience. Learn to become more valuable and build a stronger relationship with others through networking.awesome

In the end, sometimes we take for granted what we’ve learned and cave to temporary pleasures that distract us from our ultimate goal. Stay focused. Continue to learn and teach others. To us, it may seem trivial, but it can be an amazing learning curve for others. Organization will help envision and execute goals, while communication will help build a culture of constant, clear problem solving. Let’s all learn to be a more confident while effectively managing time. We make change through awareness so keep striving to reach your highest potential.


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