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“The important thing is not to stop questioning. Curiosity has its own reason for existing.”
― Albert Einstein

 This article was my first blog post on this site. After rereading it i decided that it was time to do a little update and add a few more curious thoughts. enjoy, and we look forward to staying curious with you all!
In today’s EVER-CHANGING market, the consumers have a variety of options – and they know it. You can’t just go in and say “We’re different” – they wont believe you. One thing that very few people understand is that by being resourceful you become the most valuable. you can say that you provide the best product or service but the fact of the matter is the only real differentiator today is you.
Knowledge is key. Credibility requires two factors, trust and expertise. You constantly need to be growing or learning throughout the day or you will fall behind and set yourself on cruise control down a path that could lose potential prospects and find yourself too far out of your comfort zone to recover. We all need to be students as well be our own teacher, not only in our own career but in anything that peaks our interest. There are plenty of MOOCs (Massive Open Online Course) that helps bring the learning experience to an online classroom with people throughout the world. The following are two of my favorite MOOCS…click on the names to check out their website if you haven’t already utilized these moocs before.   edX &  coursera. 
Stay curious. Don’t be afraid to go out of your comfort zone – the only way to be comfortable in any situation is to constantly be going out of your comfort zone and learning to be comfortable with being uncomfortable. staying curious and questioning everything around you, you enhance your ability to reach your full potential – while also separating the truly extraordinary people from those that are just on cruise control going through the motions. The goal is to be a value-added partner while helping achieve your clients’ goals. Using effective questioning to your prospects or current clients comprise the most powerful tool you can use in positioning yourself as a resource. The more you actively engage throughout this process, the more you can be trusted and respected with your abilities and judgement.You must sincerely and genuinely want to provide a solution that can benefit the consumer AND CHANGE THEIR LIFE FOR THE BETTER.
Disconnect to connect. Be sure you enjoy life though, and understand that being “too busy” doesn’t mean that you are productive. Work efficiently & effectively – being “too busy” will affect productivity. staying connected digitally and virtually, we will disconnect from not only others around us but we will also disconnect from our inner selves.
Endure rejection.  Have the desire to endure discomfort, rejection, uncertainty, and fear or failure – use each time as a learning tool and don’t take rejection personal. If you are feeling rejected or feel a lot of friction from prospects then vary your approach. You could be inadvertently bringing the rejection upon yourself with your approach. Build on your experiences and use each rejection as a learning tool to keep motivated. Have the courage to say “I don’t know” if you truly don’t know – you can respond with “You know, that’s a great question. I don’t know, but I will follow up with you right away with an answer.” – just make sure you do follow through as that will only help build trust and show you are an invaluable resource. Keep moving. Allow failure to be part of your practice. Don’t give up. failing is very valuable in the idea category. IN SCIENCE, EXPERIMENTS LEADS TO DISCOVERIES. IN THE BUSINESS WORLD, TWEAKING A PRODUCT OR SERVICE COULD OPEN NEW TARGET MARKETS. BUT TREAT FAILURE LIKE Rejection. bOTH FAILURE AND REJECTION should be considered part of the experience. If selling was easy, then everyone would do it. You should treat rejection as a challenge. This will not only help you keep motivated, but will also improve you as a sales person.
As the role of the professional salesperson continues to change, it also requires more creativity and critical thinking. You must be resourceful, find creativity, and use your imagination to meet your customer’s challenges and opportunities.