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Vacation has now come and gone for me this summer and I am trying to get back to my “normal” schedule. After spending a few hours at the airport this past week I had plenty of time to read a very inspirational book by Blake Mycoskie, Start Something That Matters. Blake is the founder of TOMS, the shoe company who gives a pair of shoes to an impoverished child for every shoe sold. As I read this book and other articles that my lovely iPhone distracted me with, I jotted down whatever thoughts and opinions came to my mind in search of finding the Wolverine inside me. I know I have answers to questions that I haven’t even thought of yet, so why not write down every thought that crosses my mind in search of this question?


This article is a random list of thoughts in no particular order. Some thoughts may be very brief and provide very little information, while others are detailed and articulated in greater detail. At the end of the article you can find my a picture of the notes I took while on vacation. (apologies for the terrible penmanship)

1)      Pretty good ideas are effortless. Persistence and optimism are vital when plan of action is implemented.


2)      Be willing to fail. Keep trying in spite of failures and setbacks.

  1.  University of Pennsylvania study reveled that students with the highest grades weren’t always the ones with the premier IQ; they just kept trying, no matter the circumstances.


3)      Think before you speak.

  1.  Take time as you process information and let your brain grasp the psychosomatic magnitude of the circumstances. This would be opposite of instant response to physical pain. If we continue to stay distracted and place more emphasis on speed instead of depth, we will become less likely to care.
  2.  As I discussed this with Zade, he made a very clear and great point. “We are working towards a society without emotions. Some people may argue that it is more efficient, but emotions are what make us humans. We need them.”


4)      Develop your own story. Stories are the purest form of communication.

  1. Make sure your story is unforgettable. If you can make it memorable experience will play less of a reason, just as long as your mission is clear too.
  2. We all have a story to tell. Be passionate about it! Become the story! After all, it is yours to inform. You are the conqueror in this expedition! If you are in to hip-hop, here is the one song that gets me amped up by a little known boxer, Roy Jones Jr.


5)      Keep it simple.

  1. Winning is easier if you maintain simplicity and shun uncertainty. Simplicity, or minimalism, can be within a goal, an inspiration or a mission. A simple inspiration can adapt to a new atmosphere and era much easier than a more compound design. Straightforward missions can present the customer with an understanding of the organizations factual significance that they are providing to the community or world.


6)      Turn off the TV and watch more enlightening videos.

  1.  Smarter Every Day is a great start to this journey.
  2. Perhaps immersing in a daily habit of watching a few TedTalks. Simon Sinek’s presentation recently is one of my favorites and I have embedded it below for you as well.


7)      Each person desires undivided attention.

  1. Simone Neil once said, “Attention is the purest form of generosity.”
  2. Communication technologies are substitutes of face-to-face communication. We have now entered the phase where we now fancy these substitutes above confronting each other and actually having human intellect.
  3. It’s now more convenient to just text your date or friend “I’m here” as a replacement for physically getting out of your car and walking to the front door. This also decreases the chance of having to speak with your date’s best friend, or worse, their parents.


8)      The closer the world gets to our fingertips, the more isolated it becomes from our brain and heart.


9)      Transparency and providing information correlated to the goal for all to observe.

  1. People who comprehend the vision achieve better than those who are not given the information.
  2. Trust and confidence is then established, which in turn, builds cooperation. Transparency provides a sense of harmony and purpose.
  3. Organizations must be as transparent as possible with consumers, employees and vendors.


10)   Everyone makes mistakes.


11)   Inspect what you expect.

  1. This is great knowledge I received from my boss. Set deadlines. If a project is due in 2 weeks, send a reminder 2-3 days before it is due to avoid late submission frustrations. Maintain a checklist of what you have asked people to do.


12)   Accomplishment.

  1. The more strongly you believe what you do, the more likely you are to drive yourself and discover a way to be superior. This will force you to achieve your goals.


13)   Set clear expectations.

  1.  Articulate how achievements or compliance will be calculated. Verify the entire team understands completely and confidently. A purpose will not be met if everyone does not commit.


14)   Stop fearing the unknown.


15)   The craving to create a difference must be stronger than all the fears you experience.


16)   Fear is universal. Fear stays with us during our entire life. It is essential that we be trained to look at our fears and take gratification in it.

  1.  In order to know its true meaning, fear must be understood. Fear is something that hasn’t happened yet and unfamiliar to us. When we fear something that is unknown, we worry ourselves and let it affect our lives. This has been happening to humans for as long as we have lived on this lovely planet.
  2. Lewis Thomas mentioned in The Medusa and the Snail More Notes of a Biology Watcher, “Worrying is the most natural and spontaneous of all human functions. It is time to acknowledge this, perhaps even to learn to do it better. Man is the Worrying Animal.”


I picked this lovely guy up at a comic book store downtown boston.


17)   We can either battle our fears or feel overwhelmed and give up.

  1.  Since I am Wolverine, I choose to battle my fears. Others use this as an excuse and refuse to take the risk.
  2.  You cannot control the fear itself, but you can control your actions.


18)   Change your thoughts and look fear in the face. Change the world.


19)   Simple is smart. Simple is powerful.


20)   The customer is forever right.

  1.  If the customers do not perceive significance or consider it is the greatest, improve.


21)   Smile. Be optimistic.

  1. Scientists have determined that positive business outcomes are allied to smiling.
  2. An authentic smile can enhance authority within the sales call, a scientific phenomenon called the emotional contagion.


22)   Be realistic.

  1. If you aren’t growing, you’re dying.
  2. Startups have no guarantee that customers will be faithful or there tomorrow.


23)   Recognize and adapt to change.


24)   Use sales process as an education process. Think analytically.


25)   Don’t be afraid to move forward.


26)   Become imaginative. Be creative. Problem solve efficiently.


27)   As an educator (salesperson), become the most valuable and expose problems that the prospect never knew existed. Then educate on solutions.


28)   Make yourself known. Be found. Create value. Build accountability.


29)   Have a sense of urgency. Resolve problems quickly.


30)   Consumers have a huge information advantage.

  1. Educators (salesperson) must be resourceful and informed with current information.
  2. If you don’t know, you don’t know. But follow up and respond to their questions. This builds trust.


31)   Identify all progress and embrace the sense of execution.

  1.  Communicate achievements to the team and make sure they appreciate how they contributed.
  2. Recognize employees for their good actions and follow through.


32)   Become a better coach. Improve others around you.


33)   Work collectively in cross-functional departments. Communication is vital.


34)   Do your best every day. Lend your confidence to others. Unlock new markets.


35)   As a leader you have to get the environment precise.

  1. Trust and cooperation are feelings.
  2. The leader has to set the tone of the environment and not make any excuses. Have a winning mentality.


36)   Growth occurs in levels. Be constant and consistent.

  1. Constantly improve your personal growth and be consistent in your actions.
  2.  Follow through with everything that you say you will do. Remember, this could be a test from your boss and they are inspecting what they expect. Chin up.


37)   Decisions are the ultimate power? Wrong. Actions taken after the decisions are the ultimate power. A decision can be made, but if a plan of action and execution are not followed through with correctly, then your decision is useless.


38)   You become skilled from engagement.

  1. What drives you?
  2. Once you answer this you will find your way to contribute more. Do something beyond yourself.


Take action and learn from your experiences. The lone true failure is strictly not doing anything at all. Go wherever you need to grow. Begin where you are unfamiliar. You continuously need new experiences to progress further in life. Be patient with yourself. The unfamiliar is unfamiliar for a reason. Don’t try to make results; this will only formulate you to force results. Just loosen up and enjoy the journey. Life is better with this approach. Go outside and take a deep breath, exhale and smile. Make this world what you truly desire it to be. Stay Curious, my friend.



Here are the notes I mentioned at the beginning. Enjoy!

unnamedunnamed (1) unnamed (2)



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