Inspire Your Curiosity Into Action

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“Millions saw the apple fall, but Newton asked why.”  ~Bernard Baruch


I am a research-driven person. It truly bothers me when I discover a challenging question that I have trouble resolving. Asking questions provides valuable learning moments for all of us that sometimes we neglect. Action must be taken. This is the step where a lot of people simply fall flat on their face. Don’t just ask the question and say that “you don’t know.” If you were curious about something, it used to be hard. The resources were difficult to obtain. Now we are in the age where the curious will win. In this information age, we have so many resources at our disposal; from our smart phones and tablets to public libraries (yes they still exist). Yet we lack the inspiration to find the answer to our question or simply give up when a Google search doesn’t have the answer right in front of us. Why is that? Have we lost our curiosity? The answer is simple; we are lazy. We expect others to answer the questions for us or hope we can find it within the first few pages on Google. Instead, we should be celebrating and encouraging the curiosity life to better understand ourselves and the world. This is the reason behind CuriousHumans. Although we are not all curious about the same subjects, that’s the beauty of curiosity; we all are curious about different things. Curiosity leads to exploration which pilots into unraveling the mystery. This leads to learning, not education, but learning. It all depends on what interests You.

We must learn to get out of our own way and commit to a higher purpose. What would you like to learn that you have been putting off? If Steve Jobs never dropped in on calligraphy class at Reed College the “Mac would have never had multiple typefaces or proportionally spaced fonts.” You can watch the 2005 commencement speech at Stanford University through this link. Although Jobs officially dropped out of college, he followed his curiosity and observed a class that sparked his interest. There is always time to explore, allow new skills to be discovered. This will expose weaknesses that need to be improved but will also expose the strengths you possess. Leaders can say words that inspire, but change only comes from action. However, this does not mean that leaders should not inspire action. When people are inspired, innovative possibilities materialize.

Curiosity, in my opinion, is discovering what’s happening when I think beyond what I ordinarily imagine. Simply put, existence is ultimately a curiosity-driven venture. Without the need to know more and to be driven forward, we would not have high speed internet or medical improvement. We can thank curiosity for all of this. If we would have been held back by assumptions and fright we would not have broken the sound barrier or sent humankind into outer space. Curiosity is where you find answers to the questions you’ve asked. Curiosity does not have to make you a grown up. In fact, I suggest you let it bring out your inner child and let it provide an open mind. You never know where your question will take you.

Curiosity is the compass that leads us to our passions Follow it and you wont be disappointedCuriosity also provides constant change and expansion; the conditions of the world are endlessly changing. We cannot have the expectation that complacency is acceptable. Go out of your way and learn something different for 8 weeks and then move on to something new. A good beginning is to start with a refresher course in a subject you want to learn more about but might already have a basic understanding for. For instance, both Zade and I want to learn more about cyber security and recently Zade received some great advice from an individual in the practice. His advice to us was that we learn HTML, CSS, and then Java in that order, and that will be a great way to start. In the very least we hope to gain valuable insight and knowledge, even if we never financially gain from it. The self-satisfaction we will receive and understanding of a new practice that we never knew before will only drive us to expand into a new subject. Self-evaluation is another good stepping stone to get back into the life learning process. Websites like and are great websites for free online practice tests. Take a practice like the GMAT, GRE, MAT, MCAT, or go back and take a practice test for the SAT to see what subjects you need to sharpen up on or completely restudy. Make it a competition. Challenge your friends and compare scores. Make it interesting.

Curiosity is the greatest contribution I’ve ever given myself. Chasing down the solution to a problem by no means gets old. Curiosity is an imperative quality in humanity. The question now is can you commit to something strongly enough to take action?

– Logan




    1. Thanks for the very kind words! Remember, possibilities are only noticed when action is taken. As our good friend Albert Einstein stated, “I have no special talent. I am only passionately curious.” We hope you continue to check CuriousHumans out and we will without a doubt check out Peak Perspective reguarly! – Cheers, Logan!

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