Claiming Your Place In The World

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“The first step is you have to say that you can.”- Will Smith


Do you ever feel like you are trying to figure out your position in the world? How do you fit in? Where precisely do you belong? We are measures of all things and we all have convinced concepts, dreams, or values that are fundamental to all knowing people. Evaluate your assets, focal points, and strengths in order to claim your place in the world. You are destined to be here!

The exploration for your place in this world is continuous. Simply put, self-knowledge is something that we all CuriousHumans will fight with throughout existence. As long as you live, there is a point to your life. Your purpose is exceedingly dominant in life. What is your mission to the world? Figure it out and act on it. Find someone who will provide you with objective advice. Don’t take it personal. Learn from criticism but don’t let it stop you from reaching your goals. If you truly have the drive to achieve in life, learning cannot conclude at graduation. Learning should be enjoyed and you must pass along your insights that you discovered along this amazing journey that we call Life. Would you say that you have an eagerness to learn?

Pursing a life that is meaningful will allow energy to naturally flow into your passion. What interests you in life? Discovering this will allow you to have the dive in and absorb all you can. This interesting world is packed with information that is waiting for you to gather and apply to make our world a superior place for all. The majority of us go through life without knowing that there are separate parts of us. To better explain, we are attentive to more than we believe we are. The mind sees with the eyes and takes in all around throughout this waking reality. But our mind also sees and observes without our eyes. While this is true, it also sounds like crazy talk. Jay Sanguinetti a doctoral student at University of Arizona has published a study that explains in greater detail about how our brains are paying more notice to our environment than we imagine. The study participants’ brainwaves showed that even if a person never consciously acknowledged the shapes on the outer surface of the image, their brains still developed the shapes to the level of understanding their meaning.  We have so much to learn about our body and mind. This is a difficult task for humans to do though. Just think about it for a minute…we discovered so much concerning the circulation of the planets before we even discovered about the circulation of blood in our body. Yet without the circulation of blood in our body our thoughts would perish. Why isn’t our mind conscious of our internal self more? Figure it out and let me know, will ya?


Now that I have your mind working out, let’s see where this snooping mind takes us next. Remaining curious throughout life we are able to seize the true character of effects and experience the excitement of discovery. So how do you do this? Where do you start? First, erect a strong core. You can’t build on nothing; have certain standards and values that you trust in. Look for a niche. Go somewhere that others have not — go against the grain. Create something from nothing. This requires you to be open about learning. Determination and the willingness to labor towards where you want to go is a very important matter. If it means working twelve hour days, then work twelve hour days. This persistence will achieve more than trying to force results.


I know you’re probably thinking, “But Logan, I don’t have a goal or motivation.” Well, here’s a straight forward tip for you…your goal is to claim your place in the world. Your motivation is to achieve your goal. So STOP MAKING EXCUSES and illustrate to the world exactly who you truly are as a CuriousHuman! Greatness can live in anyone. You have to trust this notion and you will craft a positive difference in humanity. Your place in the world is not something that you find; it is a life that you create. YOU create it. Life is not predetermined and the decisions you make are your own. Take pride in them and have accountability. We are not just here to exist, but to live. Don’t feel like you have to pressure yourself into making this happen overnight. Again, there is not a defined place for any one of us; it’s exactly what you make it. Jump up and get excited about something. Focus your interests keenly…its okay to be selfish here, I won’t judge.


You are here to do something BIG…something incredible…something that truly matters to you and the world. Commit and connect with your essential self. Your unending growth and evolution as a human will tell the world that you are ready to take on the world. They better watch out…it’s time to make incredible happen. Are you ready to KICK ASS AND CHEW BUBBLEGUM?! Stay curious.




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