The 7th Kingdom of Life, Technology Ensues

“The basis and essence of life is not carbon, but information.  Life is an information processing system.”

The Technium

I recently finished watching a neat presentation by Kevin Kelly that has left my brain boggled for a few days, and I need to discuss it with someone.  So let me break it down for you and give your brain some nourishment for the remainder of the day. Get ready…put away your phone (yes, drop it)….and go into “thinking mode.” 

Kevin Kelly brought a very strange topic to the table. He is suggesting that there exists a 7th kingdom of life! If you don’t recall what the first 6 kingdoms are, let me refresh you. Animalia, Plantae, Fungi, Protista, Archaea, and Bacteria. All of these have a system of evolving and more importantly, progressing.  Now, what is this infamous 7th Kingdom? It is, good people, TECHNIUM.   It is a thriving and evolving ecosystem, just as everything else.  The Technium encompasses the entire system of things we know as technology. Your television, shake-weights, and even tools. Hammers, screwdrivers, Red Rider BB Guns, and all of that jazz.  To state it simply, every thing you can think of that humans have created is some form of technology.  The question is, what does technology want? What is it evolving into?

“Men are only so good as their technical developments allows them to be.”

“What does technology want?!? Zade, have you lost it?”

No, I have not lost it. Yes, I am having a conversation with myself. Let’s move on.  *deep breath*  The 7th kingdom was created by mammals and is an extension of evolution.   Did you hear me? A small fraction of a kingdom(Animalia) has created a novel kingdom(Technium), and is actively integrating with it. Aren’t we? Look around you. Computers, lamps, alarm clocks, lighters.  Of the newly decided 7 kingdoms, Animalia and Technium are involved in a co-op game to get off of the planet and navigate the stars, from which we came.  Wonderful love story, isn’t it?  They are evolving simultaneously.

This is where we have to step outside of our mental box for a brief moment, because things are getting weird and when we hear the word “evolution,” we tend to think of strictly the ape and human debate.  Stop that.  I’m referring to something on a much larger scale, and of an awe-inspiring scheme.  Yes, the cosmic evolution. The driving force of our universe and everything that we have ever known to exist.  Human life is but a mere speck from this perspective.  Start to finish looks something like this.

Weird stuff we don’t know about -> The Big Bang->basic particles->more complex particles->galaxies increasing in order and star formations->planets evolving life-> me writing a a blog post on a laptop->mysteries, science, and Technium

So, what does this flourishing Technium want? Simple. It wants what all significant pieces of the cosmic evolution want, to progress.



The Great Progression ( It’s a play on words with the Great Depression, but is referring to something on the complete other end of the spectrum. Progression<->Depression. It’s pretty fetch. I give it a 4/10. )

As Kevin Kelly mentioned, life on Earth has been undergoing an organizational path, which it cannot control.  We adapt and try to make life easier and less strenuous.  The invention of technology and the Technium has acted as an evolutionary extension, accelerating this process leading to increased order in the world.  Think about the screwdriver, now a power drill.  The horse, now a car that has measured “horsepower.” COINCIDENCE?! I think not. Hmm, one more example should increase the tension in the air.  How about the internet?  My goodness, the internet!

This is where you should start thinking, “Technium is not a group of separate evolving organisms, as Animalia. It was created by Animalia, and is controlled by Animalia.”

No.  Once the first sniff of technology was found, it developed a mind of its own and took off.  As Kelly stated in his lecture, technology is designed to accumulate, progress, and adapt.  All of our engineering genius has been collected and retained over millions of years.  Once we are at a certain level of understanding on a subject, it must advance.  Thomas Edison was credited with creating the light bulb, but there were more than 20 other similar ideas in the works. It was time for that invention to be brought to light. There is no control over it.  Edison was simply known as being the first to encounter it.  This lack of control is one of Kelly’s pillars for the existence, significance, and separation for Technium with the other 6 kingdoms.  Mammals have just elegantly created and coincided with it for quite some time, leading to our exciting lifestyles today.

None of these advancements would have taken place without our integration with technology.  Animalia and Technium are blowing everyone else out of the metaphorical water.  Bacteria and Protista kind of look like a big joke now(I’m kidding. Those are great kingdoms, too).  Anyway, these small progressions will continuously accumulate, and eventually repel Technium and ourselves off of our blue planet and on to the next grand adventure.  I support the ridiculous idea that Technium should be eyed as its own kingdom of life. My mind may change in the future. What do you think?

The most beautiful thing we can experience is the mysterious. It is the source of all true art and all science. He to whom this emotion is a stranger, who can no longer pause to wonder and stand rapt in awe, is as good as dead; his eyes are closed.-AE

Co-op Level 1 Completed.







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