About Zade

Zade Ramses Holloway


I’m a learner, currently working towards a PhD in Experimental Psychology. I love all the brains, mainly tampering with my own. I am aimlessly wandering and have no clue what I am doing; best described as a confused amateur.

414798_3707403356874_1879233730_ootany, Mathematics, Astronomy, Neuroscience, Robotics and many other 



  1. I appreciate the blog follow! I’ve read about Logan and now you – wow! Behavioral neuroscience sounds fascinating – our brains are complex and people are so different, so there is endless material to study. (Oh, I like the first picture – quirky and fun and it made me smile 🙂 )


    1. Thank you for the kind words! Geez, you are a fantastic writer. I just spent thirty minutes passing through your posts. Your view of the world is lovely. Your blog makes me feel like I’m lost in a novel! Keep being awesome.


  2. Thank you for following my blog. I look forward to following you guys and tuning into your posts. With tuning fork by my side… I am eager to follow the journey that unfolds on these pages. Wishing you a blessed day. Michele


    1. Thank you, Michele! I have been checking out your blog and have concluded that you are truly a wonderful human. Keep up the great work making our world a better place. Thanks for the motivation boost. Cheers!


      1. As a newbie to my site, I’d like to tell you – any story you have from a relative, neighbor, etc. feel free to put them in the comments for all to read.


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